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Amber Design and Media

Amber Design and Media is an industry-leading Graphic Design and Advertising Marketer in Ghana.

We have the skills and experience to help our clients thrive. We bring our clients’ visions to life through a range of visual media services. We provide customers with extensive design services that set them apart from the competition.

We also provide personalized attention and guidance throughout the whole process, from the initial concept to the final result, and make sure my clients are true partners in the experience.

Amber Design Online Store is an associate of Amber Design and Media

This is a graphic design and multimedia company that provides services such as Branding, Advertising, Product Packaging and crafts.

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Amber Design Online Store


Our online store aims for the best online shopping experience for our clients: we sell quality t-shirts with exceptional standards.

Amber Designs is a fraction of a broaden spectrum of arts and design service inclined towards materializing creative, optimistic and novelist designs which seek to deliver meaningful messages through effective visual communication media such as arts and literature.


Our brand intends to build a relationship that sparks emotional intelligence and self esteem to our clients. To support our dear customers, we set a comprehensive slogan that well explains the brand: "Wear What You Mean", #wwym @wearwhatyoumean





We intend to span our services worldwide to obtain global recognition. Targeting excellence, we will utilize techniques and strategic plans of action which will our upscale our undertaking business.

We believe that our efforts will steer our pursuit to success. We are working from Ghana and in spite of our physical absence, we aspire to dominate as the best brand in the T-shirt niche and  market. We will expand the growing firm and make establishments in neighboring countries in Africa such as Nigeria, Guinea and other continents globally.

We will hire well- trained customer service personnel who share a common vision with the company. As the business scales up, we will utilize a t-shirt printing business firm to create another plan that we warrant that the increase market base will not compromise our daily operations. 





Our service are genuine. We intend to meet your expectations and give you deserving satisfaction. We want to hear from you reviews and experiences you arrived at. We also provide satisfactory customer service.      

 E-mail: ( to our team.





Our designs are original and credible.  We use  digital mock-ups of your printed t-shirt on all orders so you can see exactly what your finished garments should look like. Our packaging medium is unique, mobile and durable for transport conditions.





Quality Standards

T-shirts and all garments are printed to exceptional standards. Materials are sourced from credible wholesalers, merchandises and producers.




Your t-shirt printing will be done in just 15 days at most.

Our usual fulfillment time is within 10 days but usually, it is far less. But as happens on many occasions, if we have a customer, new or existing, desperate for delivery within a few days we will do our best to be of help.

Yes! we are quick.






 We say entrust us with confidence and receive our glad services. We are passionate at what we do and we are concerned about our customers' priorities. We hope our brand personality inspires you relentlessly and binds us together.


Amber Design, the Superior Brand.



Over 90% Customer Feedback states:


 Per our site visits and reviews, our customers relay that they would buy from us again. Our customers opinion matters to us and we are constantly asking for feedback from so we can deliver the perfect service.

Branding Identity MockUp Vol10.jpg


Who We’ve Worked With

Our projects are our passion, and since 2020 we’ve provided professional design services to a wide range of clients. Discover who we’ve worked with below. Want to work with us? Get in touch today.



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